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damaged goods

Who of me am I

With a starting point in the craft of silversmithing Anna Nordström explores the emotional aspects of the object based art.
Her work often includes a dark side and talks to us about melancholy, brokenness and separation.
By using a subtle, poetic, visual language she aims for an intimate personal relationship between her objects and the viewer.

I position myself within the field of art, Jewelry and Corpus art.
Artistic work has for me a purpose to connect to that which I don't let myself utter in words.
The things that moves me are the things that allow me to be absorbed, and that let me apply my own story onto what I see.
I believe that, as an object maker, I must aim for other values than solely practical within my objects, such as a visible working process, a storytelling aspect, or an emotional relationship to the object.
To aim for an emotional communication is a way for me to verify the importance of my artistic work.

Anna Nordström currently lives and works in Stockholm.