who of me am i?

A body of work focusing on the emotional reaction to awkward situations.
Situations where the constructed self we present, and the actions connected to it does not align with our private thoughts and emotions.
When we hold back too much…

I am okay
broosch, charcoal, leaf gold
All of those things
necklace, iron, cotton
necklace, tin, nylon

The locket becomes a representation of a private, intimate part of the person wearing it.
In it’s construction the locket has an outside and an inside.
One can say that it in that sense has a public and a private part.
When worn, it communicates to both the wearer and his or her surroundings.
The action of wearing a locket can be considered as a deliberate act that revolves around both the transgression between public and private and around the secrecy of its content.
When you wear a locket, what you actually do is that you hide your secrets in plain sight.

Locked in identity
necklace, silver, parchment
Who of me I
broosch, silver, parchment
broosch, concrete, iron, silver

In this body of work I have not made actual lockets.
But I have used the symbol of the locket because of its strong connection to something hidden, unexposed.
And because of its strong connection to a person.
Or maybe in this case a persona.
My necklaces and brooches could function as a wearable reminder to be aware of who we present as ourselves.
Do we let our social, public identity take too much space?
Do we expose ourselves too much?
Do we expose ourselves enough?

Holding on
necklace, iron, tin
Keeping quiet
necklace, silver, iron, resin
broosch, parchment, silver

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